Doing good, does you good

Doing good, does you good

Want to help, but not sure where to start? Struggling to find local opportunities where you can make a real impact?
The Uniti platform makes volunteering in the Channel Islands easier than ever before. Find and commit to opportunities according to your skillset and interests. Download the app to join the Uniti Communiti and start changing the world, one act of kindness at a time.

Our Mission

// 1. Improve Wellbeing

In a market saturated with introspective tools, we aim to highlight helping others and volunteering as a key social tool for improving wellbeing

// 2. Transform Volunteering

Volunteering has been left in the dark during the current digital transformation; Uniti will change this through free, easy-to-use tech that transforms volunteering

// 3. Reconnect People

By bringing multiple sectors together, we can solve the isolated problems each area faces. Reconnecting people on an industry level, and on a personal level

Volunteer Partnerships

Our free platform allows you to create opportunities, schedule, manage and track volunteers whilst engaging new demographics. Reduce your admin time to focus on what’s important.

With a number of organisations, charities and NGO’s signed on to the platform, our ecosystem is beginning to grow. Click below to find out what Volunteer Partnerships can offer your organisation today.

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Corporate Partnerships

Activate, diversify and effectively measure your external CSR impact. Enhance your culture and boost staff wellbeing. All through one platform.

Our ecosystem is starting to grow through balancing the Private-Sector with the Third-Sector in one hub. Take a look at what our Corporate partnerships offer, and how the Uniti platform can benefit your business by clicking below.

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Education Partnerships

coming soon

With mental health issues growing at exponential rates in younger demographics - we need more tools to be provided for young people. Our Education partnerships will provide a means for integrating students into their community - building lasting relationships, whilst formally tallying their volunteering experiences for UCAS and CVQ. Could your school  benefit from such a program? Let us know below.

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