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Activate, diversify and effectively measure your external CSR impact. Enhance your culture and boost staff wellbeing. All through one platform.

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The benefits

Uniti brings a multitude of benefits to the workplace, primarily in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and employee wellbeing. More than direct impact, corporate participation alone massively benefits the third-sector and the wider community.

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Track & measure CSR impact

Measurement of Corporate Social impact is a universal issue within the private-sector. The Uniti Service clock solves the issue by documenting all the time donated by a company through corporate volunteering. View a breakdown of the sectors staff members are helping in and via live in-app date and quarterly reports - begin to gather board-level data surrounding your social impact.

Our mission is to centralise opportunities in order to diversify staff engagement. Skills and interests are often wasted through shoehorned opportunities, whereas Uniti provides every employee with access to a host of opportunities - so staff can help where they want, and where they are best positioned.

Track & measure CSR impact

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Boost employee wellbeing

Now more than ever before - MH needs to be addressed within the workplace. Whilst a multitude of tools exist , most tackle the issue from an introspective angle. Uniti harnesses the power of social tools, a mechanism we believe is perfectly suited for boosting workplace wellbeing.

Volunteering and helping others is a proven technique - and the platform offers a hands-on, practical tool for staff to form positive relationships, integrate with their community, and help others. Not limited to just inside work - but available for use in everyday life.

Boost employee wellbeing

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Invest in your community

Corporate participation in the Uniti model helps to build this new ecosystem. One of the indirect benefits of corporate participation is our ability to provide a modern, easy-to-use and free management tool for the Third-sector to engage new demographics and oversee all their volunteering needs. More than this, Uniti provides a modern way for community members to find, commit and help with local volunteering. All made possible through our corporate partnerships.

Invest in your community

Subscription options

Our early-adopters are helping to shape Uniti’s corporate package to their needs during this free trial period. Want to be a part of the conversation? Select your company size below to get in touch.

Measure and track your CSR engagement and time donated

Live in-app and quarterly reports of board-level data on all staff engagement and contributions

Team-building opportunities

Breakdown of the sectors engaged with and VO’s helped

Social wellbeing tool for staff to use both inside and outside the workplace

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25 - 50 employees

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